Savanna Read dances into the Heart of DEVIL’S RADIO

J Hello gang, its been a bit since ive updated this page. Busy Busy Busy have i been (yoda voice) Today i added 3 episodes of Devil’s Radio including last nights epic interview with LA Clippers Dance Squad hearthrob and soon to be reality TV starlet Savanna Read dazzled our listeners with many tales from her beginnings as a back u p dancer for Taylor Swift, through here roles in Alvin & the Chipmunks Road Chip which opened up December 18 2015 against Star Wars…she now will be a featured player on the brand new E show about the Clippers Dance team…dont miss the debut episode on March 15. I also enclosed two other shows featuring Robert Rice from Big Ol Box O and Robert Baake who is an author and jack of all trades, and a pre-Flatline interview with Aaron Xavier 1/2 of the new Tag Team Champs in CTW…A bunch of goodness just for you…in the audio stylings section. In Sad news Sir George Martin legendary Beatles Producer passed away on March 8th at the age of 90. I am of the opinion that i do not believe the Beatles would have become what they ended up being without George Martin’s involvement. A musical genius and the a man who changed music history forever. He will be missed but what he left behind will never fade away. I have attached a few examples of his fine work as tribute to a man i never met that has impacted my life in enourmous ways





Hello DevilHeads…the show has literally been on fire in February. The Valentines Day Spectacular, was a spectacular failure, but some funny moments for sure..Beate Chelette returned to give us some advice but the game show tanked as bad as Caddyshack 2. But then the following week i had the honor of interviewing the greatest Wrestling broadcaster in history Jim Ross. it was a very busy week as i had my first sports article published, you can head over to the Deep Dish Sports web page and give it a read. Speaking of articles my follow up one is going to be a 50th anniversary piece on the Beatles landmark album Revolver from 1966, and to celebrate that are some Revolver offerings to enjoy



Tuesday nights episode of Devil’s Radio had a lot going on. Nick Swinke joined our ranks as an honorary member, he’s pretty much there every week anyway. We debuted a couple of new items including a Scooby Doo quality mystery called “The Case of the Missing Manchild” as Ryan Fahey was still MIA….i will admit my shaggy impression needs work..Jarod Priest joined us and dramatically recounted his tales from Crash Tested Wrestling’s Destiny event as he was the man that put the company on his back and saved the day..go to the Audio Stylings page and listen to the entire episode of Devil’s Radio and enjoy the show….Musically this week ive been listening to some of my old favorites so here is a three pack from my younger days with better hair…..


The Real Deal searches for his Destiny on Devil’s Radio

Although we missed our guys Ryan Fahey and Chris Lobosco, we had a very festive episode this week…we didnt call it Devil’s Radio, we made a special hybrid called That Wrestling Devil, as we joined forces with Nick Swinke & Jumbo Joe from the very popular That Wrestling show. We had a very special in studio guest as well, from Crash Tested Wrestling the Real Deal Rion Skillz sat in our studios for the entire show and was amazing as always, he has a terrific dead pan humor way about him which i love to interact with. We broke down the upcoming event Destiny on January 30th in Gary Indiana. We also covered the Royal Rumble, and Rion tusselled with the Macho Ghost as well which was must hear radio. Also joining us on the program were regular contribuitors Joe Deming with NFL talk, and Clinton Cole of Deep Dish Sports for our usually HIGHly entertaining segment. Jump on over to the Audio Stylings page to hear the full show in all its glory…and the link below is Rion in action at a recent CTW event, and dont miss the idiot in the wig screaming on the mic…you may recognize him

a brand new episode of Devil’s Radio and a fond farewell to Glenn Frey

Fresh off the podcast griddle is the latest episode of Devil’s Radio where we were joined by gentleman baseball player/stand up comedian/jujitsu superhero Gerard Haran, and he dazzled us with knowledge and humor, we also talked NFL and kids jokes with Joe Deming and his Three Amigos. Our buddy and the Leader of DEEP DISH SPORTS SHOWS.COM joined us for an all new top ten list, Dan & Christine joined us and brought us up to speed on Dan’s treatment which is going well and the upcoming fund raiser/benefits 2016 looks like a great year to beat cancer’s ass. We also warmly honor the memory of legendary singer songwriter Glenn Fry, im at an age where all my rock n roll heroes are beginning to shuffle off this mortal coil, its  a trend that is making me sad angry and dreaming of younger days, fortunately his music will last forever in my heart and on the airwaves….here are a few of my favorites from one of the songwriters that defined American rock music in the 1970’s a legacy that will last a lifetime……RIP Glenn….Take it Easy




2016 is here and Devil’s Radio is Back!!!

Happy New Year……2015 ended with the Force Awakening, and our annual Christmas spectacular…and the good news, i survived the Christmas Story this year!!! so on January 12 Season 2 of Devil’s Radio kicked off with a visit from Matt Maranz who is the Executive Producer from the EsquireTV hit show Friday Night Tykes and we had lots of time to analyze Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens..Lobosco and Fahey were festive as always, we said goodbye to David Bowie whom we paid tribute to, we also cut a new show promo as a homage to Lemmy from Motorhead.  Im getting to that age where im starting to lose my rock n roll heroes….and speaking of Rock n Roll heroes we have some great new records coming out in early 2016 including….ELTON JOHN, BOB MOULD, RICK SPRINGFIELD AND CHEAP TRICK…so on this post im giving you new music from each of the artists plus a final farewell to David Bowie and Lemmy…..catch you on the flipside!!!


Merry Christmas from Devil’s Radio featuring the gals from Guys We Fucked

Happy Holidays from your friends at Devil’s Radio…this was our Season Finale, and final show of 2015. What a year its been for me, i was fired from my station one year ago, and after a 6 month hiatus i was allowed to return to the airwaves. Poor judgement led to my demise, and i worked hard for a new opportunity and have run with it. Since my June return, i have made some of the finest shows of my career. Amazing interviews, funny sketches, Live streaming events and live remotes to help fight Cancer. I took the lessons i learned and i have made positive changes, and the work shows evidence of this. Plus i was hired by Crash Tested Wrestling as a full time Commentator…despite lots of personal heartache and change, professionally im heading into 2016 poised to hopefully live my dreams…thanks for coming on my journey with me, and thanks to all that have helped me get here!!