this is a wacky musical Scooby Doo chase scene, they did this often in the early 70’s hawking bubble gum pop music which was huge in the era of David Cassidy (who we believe is the lost father of my friend Charley)
my 6 year old son Bryan used to sing and dance to this song and it would crack me up each and every time. i know as he grows up he will deny this profusely. so i am blogging it today to document how much i have enjoyed watching him grow and re-living my childhood through him….nothing quite like singing along to a quality scooby doo chase scene, try it you will like it


AIRPLANE….the funniest movie of all time?????

For those of you who have never seen this movie…..i feel bad for you!!!! the only reason hollywood hasnt redone this film is because it cant be redone…it was the perfect storm of ensemble cast, the Zucker brothers at the early apex of their comedic genius, and simplicity that have endeared this film to so many of us “older” people. but know this young people, many of todays funny films are in one way or another paying tribute to this gem….both the original film and its sequel are genius, we are still praying someday we get a third one…and as long as Robert Hayes and Julie Haggerty are still can be done, and i would pay 14 bucks to see it in IMAX 3-D

Ludicrous Speed more than just a crazy 2 hour radio show


on Monday nights from 8pm to 10 pm, on you can tune into a wacky little show called LUDICROUS SPEED, its a show about nothing and everything, one minute you can hear a spirited round up of the on going drama of professional wrestling, and the next you might hear us singing the Backstreet Boys, we have a new segment that we feature weekly, in which we speak directly to the ghost of former pro wrestler MachoMan Randy Savage


yes on monday nights, when light speed is just too darn slow…..prepare yourself for LUDICROUS SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!!! STEVE AHRENDT, RYAN CARROLL AND THE GHOST OF THE MACHO MAN WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!