I was lucky enough to start watching football as a seven year old, way back in 1977……my first football jersey, my first football hero, my first sports obsession was #34
WALTER PAYTON. he personified excellence,grace,power, drive, determination, and in the end reminded us to never take a moment for granted. when he passed on part of my childhood died with him.i remember many winter days with an orange nerf football jumping over snow piles pretending to be Walter Payton. to this day i still consider him a hero and remember the lessons he taught me as i grew up, he was not a perfect man but he was a man of great consiousness. he loved people the right way regardless of color, background or situation, i met him briefly in passing at the chicago autoshow toward the end of his life, and he shook my hand and nearly broke it…but it was amazing. i never saw anyone run like him, and i probably never will. other have come along that havebroken records,drawn comparisons,and wear his number…but there will never be another SWEETNESS, there is only one true #34


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