THE BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in September of 2012, I finally crossed a big task off my bucketlist……i saw Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band live in concert at Wrigley Field. i had nose bleed seats as it was all i could afford but it did not matter. the Boss took the stage at about 7:30 that night and i stood for the next 3 and a half hours as i bore witness to one of the most amazing music performances i have ever seen. i have seen many shows, McCartney, Joel, Elton, Sting, U2, Yes, Beach Boys, Monkees, Meatloaf…this list goes on and on, but that night i saw the unbelievable…song aftersong, classic after classic,along with my neighbor Brian Bonic we screamed,sang,cheered,and cried…it was unreal. I will see other shows but i cant imagine being more blown away than i was on that cool September night on Chicago’s lakefront….this song has become my favorite Springsteen song, it makes me happy everytime i hear it…im trying to break into the radio industry…and when i hear this song it makes me feel like i might make it….”SO TURN UP YOUR RADIO AND DARLING DIAL ME IN CLOSE, WE’RE RIDING ON THE AIRWAVES AND WE’RE TRAVELLING COAST TO COAST OVER THE RIVER AND HIGHWAY YOUR VOICE COMES CLEAR AND TRUE.THOUGH WE’RE FAR APART TONIGHT ILL SAVE MY LOVE FOR YOU” i dont know why that verse echos in my soul, but it resonates within me deeply…so if someday you hear me on he airwaves and you can feel that im loving what im doing, you will know where i began… lets follow Bruce’s advice and “just let the music take us and carry us home”

thank you for reading and hopefully believing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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