From 1992-1998 i worked at Record Swap, this was the coolest job that i have ever had. The independent record store is a dying breed, but back then it was a glorious time. The record store was a place you could escape for hours as you flipped through bin after bin of used LP’S, rows of cassette tapes, stacks of CD’S, aisles of cool t-shirts and posters, buttons as far as the eye could see, and collectible memorabilla would taunt you from behind glass cases. It was a hang out, a place to meet friends with the coolest ambiance in town. And if that wasnt cool enough, there was the people that worked there, it was like be in the greatest fraternity. I Remember them all, like they were family. I still think of them often, John the manager and the only male ponytail i have ever respected….he owns his own record store now (Laurie’s Planet of Sound) so he carries on with the last bastion of a dying breed. Todd, one of the most interesting and loveable people i have ever known, he jumped on a carhood to thwart shop lifters, and got lost in the desert, i remember coming into the store one day and him being so glad to see me that he jumped into my arms and we had a Shaggy/Scooby Doo moment. Lynda, the coolest record store chick in history (the original record store chick in my eyes) i had the biggest crush on her for decades and when she smiled it lit up the store. Chris the angst ridden kid with cool hair, he hated everyone that walked through the door but in a cool way, i follow him on Facebook to this day and he is still a sarcastic bad ass. The Holmes boys (Chris and Dan)they were kind of leaving when i started working there but you would hear stories of their legendary exploits. the next generation came in Kelly the punk rock drummer with a heart of gold, he was my right hand man, Christine the first person i ever hired, a bad ass punk rock chick, Jenny she was cute and cool and the young boys in Tinley park dreamed of her. Kevin or DJ Pervy as he was called a very sensative boy and a legendary off the alley DJ. Kirsten and Julie were my two favorite employees when i took over managing the Homewood store, i loved thos girls and still follow their exploits to this day. Mike , god rest his soul, a kindered artistic troubled soul, made me laugh like crazy. Aaron and Paul, good hard working boys that i valued as friends, Heather she was a punk rock/ska girl she was such a gentle soul, she was subtle and often quiet and was the hardest worker i had on my staff..Andy was a musician and he and i were gonna start a band even though he was way cooler than me, eric was a musician perhaps he still is but he was very popular with the ladies, there was ryan of winepress fame there was brian of early tossers fame and the list goes on…they were all my family they made Record Swap awesome and i wish i could see them all again…maybe someday i will


i have littered this blog post with images and music that reminds me of those days…included is a photo of John’s new store (can it be new if its been there for 17 years/BTW Melissa is pretty)
and some songs from bands that i love because of record swap….thank you for indulging my nostalgia and do me a favor go to Laurie’s Planet of Sound and buy some records and tell John that Steve sent you



  1. Record swap, was by far my favorite as well! So much fun every shift, and I guess. I will even include inventory time to the list….we still somehow made it fun. Thanks for the memories Steve. So happy we reconnected on the FB! Muah!


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