i have had it up to here with all the government nonsense that we have been enduring lately. clearly wholesale changes need to be made in the way things get done on behalf of the american people. so i think from a fresh perspective standpoint this is my candidate. i have been listening to Jello Biafra spoken word material since my Record Swap days. i feel he has good ideas and he is always engaging to listen to. he seems to have the best interest of “the common man ” in mind when he rails on the stupidity of a cavalcade of politicians that have done nothing but let us dowm and rob us blind for last 30+ years. Jello was formerly the lead singer for punk pioneers “the Dead Kennedys” and is well know for fighting on behalf of our right to free speech when Tipper Gore and he PMRC tried to censor the music industry back in the 80’s. At this point new voice and fresh perspective would be welcome in washington if we ever get them back to work again…as of now “the shutdown 2013” is still going
have a great day everyone and remember the immortal words of Fox Mulder…..the truth is out there!!!!


One thought on “MY CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016

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