I’d like to say good morning, but im not having one (sad face here) but i have a 10 hr work day and 5 hrs of school tonight so i have many miles to go before i sleep. I do not have the luxury of folding like a dixie cup, taking “mental health days” are not an option….soooo enough whining, let me tell you how im gonna beat this garbage gonna let some comedic song in my heart…im enclosing three fun clips in this blog, if by the time you are done watching the third one, if you are not in a far better mood with lifted spirits…then apparently the zombieapocalypse has started early for you and your soul nd sense of humor have left you…if that is the case then youre only recourse is to watch Sharknado…but thats another blog altogether

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i feel better already, ok back to your regularly scheduled today…good morning and i hope you have a nice day (insert smiley face here)


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