Due to the overwhelming response from the Record Swap tribute i posted earlier in the week i decided to follow Hollywood’s lead and milk it dry. When i made my initial post, i was doing as part of a project and i really never thought anyone would read it cause i admit im new to “blogging”, but the entire extended Record Swap family responded in one way or another..Some people reminisced with me, Chris Hall sent a picture of its skelletal remains, I am an old man now and have intermittant alzhiemer’s (if thats possible) and forgot a few folks (sorry Renee’) But as i read all the feedback i started to remember things that i forgot all about…whay you may ask??? well here is a list of fun things that i remember…..
1. inventory-ok admittedly not so fun at the time, we worked from 6pm at night often times till noon the next day, between the three stores it was a cavernous project each July and it took pieces of our soul each time..but there were some hilarious moments i remember being at the shop for 21 hours straight..
2. the characters-Julie reminded me of Johnny Cash, which immediately openned a floodgate of memorable customers and enigmas we ran into over the years…Wesley Willis (who actually wrote a song about TODD),Joe Crack (who used to seel stolen Best Buy cd’s to us), the Mumblers (they always came in and bought lots of stuff but i dont think i ever understood a word) John Iverson (good guy rock critic who would sell us all his promo cd’s)
3. weird products-over the years Record Swap carried just about everything at one point who could forget….herbal ecstacy (for all your synthetic drug needs, its still around but has a new name nowadays..hello 5 hour energy),
hacky sacks (in every hippie color), a varitable rainbow of non toxic hair dye, skull rings and jewelry (know as he Lynda stuff as she was only one who ordered them), The wall of Lava Lamps (always big at xmas time)and we were the incsence capital of the world, sometime i still smell pachouley and it makes me sick, and the toys (i dont have time, patience or sanity to get into that perhaps volume3???)
4. the infamous employee hold stacks, a hotly contested topic at all store meeting, you were never supposed to keep much in there but everyone did..and it was always the best stuff too..i always was jealous of john’s holdstack because he was cooler than me (still is) and he always the rarest and unusual things in there…he still has a hold stack to this day and its called Laurie’s Planet of Sound (cheap pop/advertising)…go check out his hold stack today i know im heading there soon
there are a lot of other things im sure that i will recall as time goes by, and if you recall things i have forgotten why not share them..we all miss those times and its an honor to share these memories with you!!! as before i have attached a few fun items that remind me of the OL’SWAP…what reminds you???

KR_sinatrahair dyebootlegT__1e2bd29b3122The-Beatles-desktop-wallpaper-the-beatles-33733742-1920-1080

**for clarification purposes…Matthew Sweet is there because when i started that was one of the biggest records of 1992 at least at our store, Lynda and i loved it and i slowly started to improve my musical taste
**my Jedi Master John Laurie introduced me to Bat out of Hell by Meat Loaf and i never looked back
**the retail adventures of kalli and rex were a cartoon in dirt magazine which was a promotional flyer from WB records at the time
**Nirvana Roma WAS our most popular bootleg in 1994 boy did we exploit Kurt Cobain’s death…couldnt keep the bootlegs in stock..i miss vampire records for quality bootlegs
**i became a better Monkees fan at Record Swap, once again thanks to ObiJohn Kenobi
**who can forget the hair dye
**cartoon Beatles, we had lots of collectibles i still have my dolls and bootleg copy of the cartoons
ok im done now, maybe ill come back with volume three someday..but thinking about the toys, and the tinley park store and the end is bumming me out..have a great day and you stay classy San Diego!!!



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