true….neil diamond is one of the most successful singer/songwriters in history. he hasnt always been the coolest performer to be a fan of, put very few others have withstood the test of time like Neil has. He has had numerous number one hits that he has performed himself or written for others (Im A Believer by the Monkees)one way or another since 1966 this mn has been churning out the gold. however that is not why i love Neil Diamond.
In the seventies he made a film and accompanying soundtrack called the Jazz Singer, which featured the classic America. the one true national anthem, i feel that should be sung at ball games instead of the one with rockets red glare. that song is etched in infamy as well as in my skull forever but thats not why i love Neil Diamond

this is why i love Neil Diamond, this one scene from the film SAVING SILVERMAN is one of my favorite movie moments of all time…sorry for the subtitles unless you speak spanish, then you are welcome….

the whole movie is great but the neil diamond angle makes it a bonafide classic….enjoy people



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