you know, ive listened to so much music in my lifetime that sometimes i forget about some records, and then a while later i become reaquainted with them unexpectedly, and end up enjoying them more than ever. this has recently happened to me with a long forgotten Billy Joel album entitled SONGS IN THE ATTIC

this particular record was a live recording released in 1981 sandwiched between GLASS HOUSES(one of the first records i ever truly loved) and THE NYLON CURTAIN. in lieu of a greatest hits record, Billy decided to release a live recording of some of his favorite songs from his first several albums, what you get are all the gems from COLD SPRING HARBOR up through TURNSTILES. admittedly absent are some of the megahits from albums like THE STRANGER and 52ND STREET, as well as the grammy winning (and aforementioned) GLASS HOUSES. but what you do get are some very nice high energy versions of early gems like “ive loved these days”, “everybody loves you now” and “miami 2017 ive seen the lights go down on broadway” also you have the version of “say goodbye to hollywood” that has appeared on his actual greatest hits albums. if you are a fan of Billy Joel this album should not be overlooked because i think the versions of these songs are far better than the originals. the entire album is enjoyable start to finish and it reminds why this man is one of the greates singer/songwriter/performer in music history. we may never get any more original rock music from him since he has retired from pop music recording (last album of original non live music was 1993’s RIVER OF DREAMS)but he still tours from time to time and if you ever in need of a reminder as to how good his songs are then just climb up the stairs and rediscover those lost SONGS IN THE ATTIC


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