Welcome to INSTANT KARMA evening news……stories that i want to read and then write about!!!!!!!!!!

good evening world, and now the news as i see it…………………MLB: Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox
Good news for Chicago WhiteSox fans on wednesday as the club resigned all star first basemen Paul Konerko to a one year deal worth $1.5 million dollars in 2014 and will net him an additional $1 million dollars in the year 2021. The 37 year old slugger is coming off a disappointing 2013 season and will be accepting a lesser role in 2014 to me more of a clubhouse leader and mentor for new comer rookie Jose Abreu. Konerko had planned on 2013 being his final season but everything went to shambles,Konerko was optimistic when speaking on returning in a limited role, “to have the opportunity to comeback in a lesser role, im kind of a good employee to have because i have no future and no agenda” WhiteSox chairman Jerry Reisdorf knows exactly what having Konerko back in the fold means to his very young ball club, “anyone who is in our clubhouse day in and day out knows the value Paul brings to our franchise as a leader, as a teammate, as a mentor and as our captain”
So let the Paul Konerko retirement tour 2014 begin, we have one more chance to watch this historic White Sox legend play the game he loves.


You say its your birthday!!!!! the legendary rock band the Beatles first full length album release turns 50 in 2013. Before everything you know historically, before SGT Pepper, before the movies, before the massive hysteria of their arrival in the US in 1964, before the break up, before the solo careers, before the murder of John Lennon, before the anthology reunion, before it all four relatively unknown local musicians piled into and Abbey Road Studios in London at 10:00 am on February 11, 1963 and made a record that took one day to record. the session wrapped at 10:45 that evening. From one 12 hour session the beginning of a music revolution took place. 10 songs were recorded, most noteably ” i saw her standing there” and “Twist and Shout” were recorded in that session, two songs that built a foundation for what would become one of histories most storied rock n roll bands. Paul McCartney recalled the days events “it was amazingly cheap, no messing, just a massive effort from us, and at the end of the day you had your album” Coming into that day the Beatles already had two singles that would eventually appear on the album “love me do” and the title track “please please me” the album was a mixture of originals and some of their favorite covers which were part of their already infamous live shows. Album producer George Martin was a classically trained musician and seemed an odd choice to head a rock n roll project but forming of this “odd bedfellow” partnership was a learning experience for both Martin and the Beatles. John Lennon recounted in an interview “he taught us a lot, and im sure we taught him a lot by our primitive music ability” Please Please Me has been regarded as a landmark album that captured the raw essence of the scruffy bar-band, although over the years the music grew more sophisticated and visionary, it was never more pure than on this record released 50 years ago. A big happy birthday to the “one that started it all”

FINALLY!!!! the Chicago Bears on monday night december 9th 2013 in a nationally televised game against the Dallas Cowboys, will finally retire #89 the number worn by legendary player/coach Mike Ditka. “Mike Ditka embodies the spirit of everything the Bears are about” says Bears Chairman George McCaskey. as a player Mike Ditka revolutionized the position of tight end was a two time all pro and named NFL rookie of the year during his 5 year career with the Bears, he went on to play six more seasons one with EAGLES and five with the COWBOYS. After his career ended he went into coaching as an assitant for the Cowboys from 1973-1981. in 1982 he was personally hired by Bears legendary owner George Halas to restore intergity to his losing franchise, and within 3 years of that hire as a coach Mike Ditka brought “papa bear” Halas , and the Bears their one and only Super Bowl title in 1985. this will the 14th and final jersey that the BEARS franchise will retire. “its a tremendous honor” Ditka said, it will be a crowning achievement for the beloved hall of famer and Chicago Icon.

YOU STAY CLASSY NYC???? thats right on december 20th 2014 Will Ferrell returns as beloved charecter Ron Burgandy in the new Paramount film Anchorman 2 the legend continues. the film picks the story left behind by the original film some 10 years ago. In new story the San Diego based news team picks up and heads to new york to be part of a 24 hour CNN-esque news channel, and there are some things you need to know about this triumphant return. 1. everyone from the original cast is back (Rudd, Carrell, Koechner, Applegate)2. not all the great cameos have been leaked 3. Dont expect a lot of historical accuracy (isnt that part of the fun)4. there will be out takes lots of outakes (early sales pitch for dvd release)5. they have discussed making Anchorman 2.5 and there is a big surprise waiting for us in this film, adam mckay the director leaked the presence of acting icon Harrison Ford as a mjor role in this film. lets not get too ahead of ourselves there is still a month before release and who knows what we will find out between now and then, but one thing is for sure you can bet a case of sex panther cologne and ron burgandy scotch that this film will pack the box office over the christmas holiday weekend. happy holidays and you stay classy America!!!!!!!!!!!!


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