On Sunday night December 15, on the USA Network one of the most popular and longest running cable TV shows enters its 8th and final season. PSYCH debuted back in 2006 starring James Roday as “psychic” detective Shawn Spencer and Dule Hill as partner Burton “Gus” Guster and together they consult the Santa Barbara police department in solving crimes. The irony and main plot line of the show is Roday’s character is not psychic, just keenly observant and showcase very gifted detective skills. Its a comedy, action adventure, drama, science fiction show that now at long last becomes a musical as the season eight premier is the long awaited 2 hour episode that has been six years in the making. due to its popularity as season 2 wound to a close, and it was clear that USA was going to pick the show up for three additional seasons, creator Steve Franks began tossing around the idea of making this musical. At that time it seemed that it may never come to fruition but as the show grew in popularity the concept began to gain steam, fan interest in the musical was overwhelming and so the script and music began to come together. Show creator Steve Franks already a seasoned musician, his rock n roll band the Friendly Indians perform the show’s ultra catchy theme song “i know you know”, was more than up to the task of creating the epic music numbers that would be required to pull off a job of this magnitude. Complete with full cast participation, and multiple guest appearances by re-occuring characters that have been seen throughout the series the stage has been set and all systems are go for the PSYCH event of a lifetime. A few select fans were already treated to a hollywood style red carpet world premiere this passed summer in which the cast arrived to the theater in the oscar mayer hot dog weenie wagon instead of limo, and the initial reviews were sparkling. Flash forward to December and we are now just a few weeks away from the epic premiere. they have already begun to sell pre-orders of the dvd on the USA website and, but i cant help but feeling a bit melancholy as the event draws near….this is the final season and after the musical only five episodes will remain before series ends for good. Actress Maggie Lawson has already become involved in another series called Back in the Game in which she stars as a single mother who moves in with her father portrayed legendary actor James Caan. the new show has already been heralded as one of the brightest new comedies of the past fall season and has been picked up for a second season, the character she portrays in the new series is a far cry from Detective Juliet O’Hara from PSYCH. Its funny but its not PSYCH, when the series finale is over all we will have is re-runs, netflix and commemorative box sets to remind us that one of the most charming tributes to growing up in the 1980’s and 1990’s is gone forever. Dont forget to set your DVR for PSYCH the Musical on December 15 at 9pm on the USA Network, and enjoy one of television’s greatest guilty pleasures..your Pineapple awaits!!!!


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