Bruce Springsteen to release 18th studio album “High Hopes” on January 14th 2014

hot on the heels of the success of “WRECKING BALL” in 2012, the Boss returns with his 18th record forty years after the release of his debut record “Greetings from Asbury Park” this 12 song album entitles HIGH HOPES will feature 12 songs and will see the edition of Rage Against the Machine guitarist and “honorary E Street band member Tom Morello. there wont be a ton of new music, it will be new recordings of songs some of which fans will recognize, but they will feature new treatments with Morello joining the fray. all the songs selected were recorded on tour, which is the first time Springsteen has recorded music while touring. the title track was previously featured as part of the Blood Brothers documentary, and The Ghost of Tom Joad was the title track to a solo album Springtsteen made in the 90’s. mix in a few cover songs ie punk rock band SUICIDE’S Dream Baby Dream among others and add a few songs that have been regarded as legendary outtakes from previous album sessions most noteably American Skin (41 shots) you get 12 like new songs and a brand new tour to kick off in spring 2014, the hardest working rock n roller is showing no signs of slowing down, crediting Morello with stimulating his creative juices…the Boss has high hopes for his new album and so do I!!!!


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