Beatles on Ed Sullivan turns 50….and the celebration is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Feburary 9 1964 the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and thus in that moment four young men from Liverpool conquered America and the World. The event is being celebrated on the 50th anniversary in many forms. The original American albums are now available in all their digitally remastered splendor, and on Itunes, the 2014 Grammy Awards ceremony made a two tiered celebration, on the night of the grammy awards Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunited on stage and performed “Queenie Eye” off McCartney’s New record, Ringo also performed his classic song Photograph. Then on February 9 the Grammy committee is hosting a tribute show to 50 years of the Beatles which will be aired on CBS at precisely the same time as they originally aired way back in 1964. The Grammy show itself was dominated by the Beatles as McCartney won the award for best rock song with his collaboration with Dave Grohl, Kris Novaselic and Pat Smear called “Cut me some Slack” from the Sound City soundtrack. The Beatles are still viable 50 years after they arrived on these shores. McCartney will be touring this year in support of his new album, Ringo is working on a new record also and will also be touring in 2014. Long live the legacy of this band as it seems they will never lose their luster…..


the Rockdown airs its second episode on

the second installment of the Rockshow w/steve ahrendt was released today (1/29/14) you can here it in its entirety on this website in the audio stylings page. the all new show theme was a tribute to the Record Swap era music that i learned to love from 1991-1998. its a love song sung to my long lost friends and co-workers..featuring songs by Matthew Sweet, Sugar, the Beastie Boys and many more. when i started working at swap my music horizon was narrow, and these beautiful people broadened my horizons and help me embrace a whole new world. the song selection is crisp and fun and reflects my experience working at the greatest used/new record store in south suburban chicago history. if you want to visit a cool record store go to Laurie’s Planet of Sound…check out this rocking image from Record Store Day……go flip through John’s bins!!!!!!!



Finally, after six months of intense schooling at ICB, MY FIRST CLASSIC ROCK RADIO SHOW HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go to my audio stylings page and you can listen to the one hour debut, featuring some of my favorite tracks, here is some videos of the songs i played on todays show

for your enjoyment… finally home….on JAMZONAIR.COM

**** I WILL SEE YOU NEXT WEEK ROCK FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!