the Rockdown w/Steve Ahrendt Episode 10 has arrived!!!!!!!!!

it has been my privilige to be allowed to make these podcast radio shows that are feature on JAMZONAIR.COM and here on my website. I take a lot of time putting these together carefully and no song is random without meaning. That has never been more true than with episodes 10 & 11 which are the ALL REQUEST shows volumes 1 & 2. A few weeks ago on Facebook i asked for requests and was joyously bombarded with them from friends, family, colleagues and one of my all time favorite Chicago DJ’S. On these two episodes they are here, with stories and fun facts abound its the show i always dreamed of doing!!!!   I dont know how long this crazy ride will last, and even if i never get a job in radio these shows will always document this most amazing journey ive ever been on….it has almost killed me physically, it has taxed my marraige and my day job, but every sacrifice has been worth it and if you have even listened for one second, then from the bottom of my heart i thank you.

                                                                                   thanks for every thing ROCKDOWN ARMY!!!!, your friend Steve Ahrendt



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