big day…episode 21 tribute to ol’ boots and glasses and yolo debuts

this was a video project that i was involved in at school and im damn proud of it, also check out the audio stylings page for my loving tribute to my deceased friend Dan Cox


EPISODES 19 & 20 my roots, its Davy’s Sister’s record collection and now you know where the Rockdown gets its roll

episodes 19 & 20 are dedicated to my first ever best friend and his sister’s record collection as a 9,10 & 11 year old (1979-1981) at sleepovers while Kim was out on the town we snuck into her room tried on her clothes and played her records., well we didnt try on her clothes but we did get a rock n roll education which is still with me to this day. along the way icons like Mark Zander and John Laurie have sent me down various musical paths but i always come home to these songs and now i recall the days of yesteryear…enjoy

The Rockdown gives you an early Christmas present with Episode 18

ok i had to do one more episode, the Christmas episode. i love rock n roll christmas music and i could not resist putting together my favorite rockin’ christmas songs and some of my favorite movie moments together and giving you “A Rockdown Christmas” I told you last time that the Rockdown was done and i was pretty sure it was, but i couldnt leave without leaving a little holiday goodness for ya….so  heres a christmas present from me to you…talk to ya next time or “catch you on the flipside…peace!!!”

rockdown episodes 16 & 17: its a Rockdown beach party all request jam

hello rockdown army and welcome to the second series of all request shows, a few weeks ago during a blizzard i polled the masses to find out what were your favorite summer songs…and again you did not are the results and i think you can use these episodes at your fourth of july barbeque this year…hell ill come to your house and host your party myself…any way enjoy the shows  this might be the end and it was a great ride for me..i thank you!!!!!