It was a beautiful spring day as we I walked through the Lincoln square neighborhood with Paul Chivari and Ryan Carroll, it was with a sense of excitement and adventure as we got closer to our destination. And there it was, in all its splendor packed to the rafters with people. Local band were playing music, the Chubby Weiner was out front selling hotdogs and the neighborhood was a bustle of activity. Record store day had come and in grand fashion and I was there to see it first hand. I got so my old friend and owner of the shop John Laurie and though he was busy managed to spend some time with us which was great, he saved me a copy of the special record store day pressing of Springsteen’s new ep. The staff was great and it was an amazingly uplifting experience. A part of my life that had been dead for years was now reborn, I felt like I came home……..



episodes 23 and 24 of the Rockdown!!! its the third all request show, the rockdown army has spoken

just finished episodes 23 and 24 of the rockdown, the culmination of the third al request playing your songs as requested on social media. this one was fun lots of great stuff, I got rquests from my program director, my son, friends, family and sound cloud so its a mixed bag…hell I even closed 24 with a song I requested so enjoy and KEEP ON ROCKING!!!

ill catch you all on the flipside…..PEACE!!!!!!