A Brand new Ludicrous Speed episode and The Rockdown releases 1971,1972 and 1973

Ludicrous Speed returned with talk of Tampons,Derrick Rose, a visit with Mean Ol’ Mrs Hooton plus missed connections and a visit with the ghost of the Macho Man, and then episodes 44,45, and 46 arrive as we continue our “Rockdown through the Years” series…..oh what fun!!!!!


The Rockdown 39-43 arrive…Weird Al, Chicago and 1970 are on point…plus oh the trouble with Ludicrous Speed

its been a while since I have written an update so time to catch up a bit….two of my favorite artists of all time have had new albums…Weird Al Yankovic and Chicago so the Rockdown salutes em with a pair of two part record release parties….and then im starting a forty four part series (yes im insane) called my life in music through the years..so I start with 1970 which was my birth year….also Ludicrous Speed has had highs and lows…love me or hate me reality radio has seen craziness like this..so enjoy yourself and all the brand new audio…im having a blast peeps!!!

Celebrate 4th of July 2014 with a new Rockdown, a new episode of Ludicrous Speed and a couple of baseball games…

Happy 4th of July gang, im on vacation but the work never ends on this website…im giving you brand new stuff to help you enjoy the holiday!!!! Episode 38 of the Rockdown is here its vol 2 of the Rockdown live, then you get a special holiday edition of Ludicrous Speed where me and Taco and RC create fireworks with a new visit with the taylors and some obsene missed connections and rounding out the new editions to the audio stylings page is me on color commentary for the IHSA BASEBALL CHAMPIONSHIP game and doing play by play on a semi finals game…hope you have a good long weekend and i will catch you on the flipside……PEACE!!!!