the Rockdown turns 50 and Ludicrous Speed goes to Extreme plaid

hello true believers its been a while since I have posted any new information but tonight I have a ton!! we have many new episodes of the Rockdown as we continue our “Rockdown through the years series….1974, 1975, 1976 and 1977 (the 50th episode) are now all available for your enjoyment and I believe that 75-77 I have raised the bar as its some of my finest podcasting so I hope you enjoy the new offerings as much as I enjoyed making them. As for your friends at Ludicrous Speed well we had a milestone as well, we received over 10 calls and 115 votes in the name the dog contest, we invented the word bagina and paul chivari made a guest appearance. Plus Taco gave us the raciest missed connections we’ve ever seen….a triumph for the good guys…so head on over to the Audio Stylings page and check out all this goodness and I will “catch you on the flipside….PEACE!!!”


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