the boys from Ludicrous Speed get hypnotized?? and Rockdown through the years enters the 80’s

Hi there gang!!! go to the audio stylings page for more treasures….this week on Ludicrous Speed Taco returns from Kentucky with tails from the Whiskey trail, Paul & Ryan develop some killer produced pieces that i love!!!! Missed Connection is becoming our flagship segment, i rant about 2nd grade open house and my 15 year olds first fender bender, the macho ghost shows up as always, i tell you this show should be national…we are funnier and edgier than many shows on the radio…listen for yourself. On the Rockdown side of the street our rockdown through the years series enters the 1980’s with 1980. Id say its my finest produced rockdown yet, great film clips and tv clips along with soundtrack of the year and clocking in at 2 hrs and 38 minutes its my 3rd longest podcast ever…i even had to edit it in half for the jamz on boyz….enjoy the show and ill catch up with ya in 1981…..


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