Ludicrous Speed Halloween episode sees the debut of “The Scroguardians”

happy halloween to all, hope you get lots of treats and a few tricks….the Halloween episode of Ludicrous Speed was ripe with holiday cheer and we had costumes and candy and even ghost stories. Speaking of ghost stories, we debuted a new bunch of crazy superheroes called “The Scroguardians” and the story consists of references from many of past shows, so if you listen to the show you might recognized some of the characters as our friends and colleagues…so keeping in the spirit of Halloween im posting a scene from its the great pumpkin charlie brown and a little battle of the planets from the Scroguardians theme…scare ya later!!!


Ludicrous Speed take on Jarod Priest from PCW Wrestling in a last man standing match!!!

This week myself and RC did a LIVE broadcast of PCW Wrestlings event Grave Matters where we met the Nasty Boys, but even better than that we got to hang out with the awesome Superstars of PCW was amazing the whole company was great to us…we got to interview many of them during the varios matches and we were even incorporated into the main event of the night and i have Ice Pick Vic Capri’s faceprint on my note sheet….then we got the chance to interview the very talented Jarod Priest on our show this past tuesday so it was a great week and we hope to work with the PCW Organization again soon…see ya next week peeps!!!! here is some footage from a previous event in which our new friend Jarod Priest and the PCW Superstars give you some quality action…..enjoy

Ludicrous Speed looks for estrogen and the episode that broke the studio…the Rockdown celebrates the wife’s birthday and then crashes into 1983

Hi kiddies its been a bit since ive written, after a brief hiatus IM BACK…..Ludicrous Speed was so funny it broke the studio so forgive the episode that is technologically impaired but the Estrogen episode was full on hilarious without clitches…coming soon a live streaming Ludicrous Speed..stay tuned….and in Rockdown world..its wifeys birthday maybe she finally listens and then 1983 is in the house….see ya next week folks!!!