the Return of PCW’s Jarod Priest and Save our Schupp on Ludicrous Speed

elo kiddies……on the Veterans day edition of Ludicrous Speed and we had wall to wall excitement. We brought in some political drama by trying to save a ¬†quality educator from getting canned #fightthepower, then PCW Superstar Jarod Priest stopped by to amp us up for thanksgiving turmoil this saturday in franklin park illinois (bell time is 7pm at the american legion hall) we had missed connection and our good friend tim johnson (tee-ballz) joined our ranks…enjoy gang!!!


Ludicrous Speed welcome Brian Busche and the return of Beate Chellete

on this weeks episode of the Speed, Brew in Chicago’s own Brian Busche teaches us everything we ever wanted to know about Craft Beer…the Beate Chellette ¬†returns to teach us more of the Womans Code….plus fun with a missed connections and the macho ghost…next week we welcome Jarod Priest from PCW to get us hyped for Thanksgiving Turmoil and now here is the live video for PCW Grave which Ryan and I do play by play…enjoy