“And in the End, the Love you make, gets you kicked off the air” 2014 THE END OF ERA

Hello campers hope your holidays have been spectacular….hope Santa or the Days of Hanukah were good to you all!! Well 2014 has been one hell of a year hasnt it…and as i write the final blog of this fine year i just want to say thank you (for better or worse) for listening to all podcasts and laughing along with me. With that in mind im catching you up on all the episodes of each show that i hadnt had the opportunity to post..so from 11/20/2014 to 12/16/2014 you are getting a month worth of new Ludicrous Speed…including the infamous Ludichristmas episode that got me fired and banned…to those that were offended and angry i apologize but remind you that we are a comedy show, and should not be taken too seriously, however getting banned is something that i wasnt expecting so it may be the FINAL EPISODE of Ludicrous Speed…if that ends up being true then it was fun, and a pleasure to entertain you for the last year and a half…Also due to the ban, it may be the final episode of The Rockdown as well, and its about relationships ending and life falling apart so why not!!!  Happy New year to all enjoy the shows and as always…..”I will catch you on the Flipside…..PEACE!!!!!” P.S SAVE MY LOVE!!!


One thought on ““And in the End, the Love you make, gets you kicked off the air” 2014 THE END OF ERA

  1. You all should just keep the show going as a podcast and slap it up on iTunes. I’m sure Dr. Don and I would be happy to promote it on 2 Guys In A Bar as part of our “network.” Hell, you can do pretty much whatever you want and we’ll be too lazy to fire anyone.

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