Off to a roaring start…..Devil’s Radio is becoming a cult phenomenon

hello campers….

counselor steve here and boy has it been a great two week chunk of radio fun. the first two episodes were great, in episode one we landed a coup of an interview. Corrine Fisher from the Guys we Fucked podcast was our first guest and any guest thats makes a clitoris reference in the first 5 minutes is pure gold. she was a doll for giving us 15 minutes and i feel like its the most fun i ever had with an interview. Then in episode two all the stars of the STC galaxy came out tonight The Swinke, Jumbo Joe and Sarah McWilliams came in studio and we had a phone call from Clinton Cole the radio voice of the Rochester Honkers…go to the audio samplings page and listen up


DEVIL’S RADIO….a new beginning

howdy folks….its been over 6 months since ive written and a lot has happened. Its all behind me now and im back with a new show affectionately titled Devil’s Radio with my new co-host Ryan Fahey….it will be similar and different to my beloved Ludicrous Speed and i will entertain you each week with 2 hours of fun..enjoy the podcasts as ill be posting them soon. Heres the inspiration for the title of the show…go get em George!!!