Happy Halloween……and one more trip to the Future/GREAT SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween gang, as we are mere days away from my favorite Pagan ritual….the great pumpkin, trick or treat, and scary movies plus….a spooktacular good time..what im leaving you this week is the october 20th episode of Devil’s Radio in which producer Ryan Fahey was stricken with an accute case of Clamidia..but between Wes Evans and Chris Lobosco we had a great show which featured some great guests and funny hijynx….coming soon the October 27 taping of Devils Radio the actual Halloween show with the big Lip Sync contest and a visit from my CTW broadcast partner JJ WILLIAMS……have a great pagan holiday y’all


Happy Back to the Future Day…with 3 new episodes of Devil’s Radio

GREAT SCOTT ITS 10-21-15……if my calculations are correct you are about to hear some serious sh*t…..well im no Doc Brown, and i dont have a flux capacitor nor do i have any idea what a gigowatt is, and dammit im supposed to have a flying car and hoverboard by now!! its all fun today as Marty will be arriving in Hill Valley shortly directly from 1985, and he will be listening to these three episodes of Devils Radio that i have just posted in the Audio stylings section..enjoy over four hours of ridiculousness..coming soon…the Halloween spectacular, and then big plans for the thanksgiving episode and what we are hoping is a 3hr christmas spectacular…before i leave im attaching the video stream of the the recent pie eating contest…good god what a mess and im out…catch you on the flipside

Welcome Back……Devil’s Radio now fully updated 10 fresh episodes added!!!!!!!!

Elo Kiddies……we are back with a back log of episodes, seems like a few months have gone by since i blogged. Weve seen some cool stuff over the last little bit…we added a new cast member to the show, we interviewed Jimmy Hart the mouth of the south, we had a pie eating contest, CTW & PWB have kept our indie wrestling buzz going…and Beate returned to save our relationships…go to the audio stylings page to hear fresh episodes of the big show
**Musically the year is ending with some great new releases, on 10/2 McCartney reissues two of my favorites “Tug of War” which was the first cassette i ever bought, and its companion piece “Pipes of Peace” all digitally remastered with bonus tracks. Then later in October, Canadian juggernaut Bryan Adams returns with a new record produced by non other than ELO’S Jeff Lynne, and finally on 11/23 Jeff Lynne’s ELO returns with its first album of new music since 2001 Zoom record. The new offering is entitled “Alone in the Universe” and the first single When i was a Boy makes my heart sing….ive left you some nuggets of video goodness to enjoy untill next time….ill catch you on the flipside!!!!