Welcome Back……Devil’s Radio now fully updated 10 fresh episodes added!!!!!!!!

Elo Kiddies……we are back with a back log of episodes, seems like a few months have gone by since i blogged. Weve seen some cool stuff over the last little bit…we added a new cast member to the show, we interviewed Jimmy Hart the mouth of the south, we had a pie eating contest, CTW & PWB have kept our indie wrestling buzz going…and Beate returned to save our relationships…go to the audio stylings page to hear fresh episodes of the big show
**Musically the year is ending with some great new releases, on 10/2 McCartney reissues two of my favorites “Tug of War” which was the first cassette i ever bought, and its companion piece “Pipes of Peace” all digitally remastered with bonus tracks. Then later in October, Canadian juggernaut Bryan Adams returns with a new record produced by non other than ELO’S Jeff Lynne, and finally on 11/23 Jeff Lynne’s ELO returns with its first album of new music since 2001 Zoom record. The new offering is entitled “Alone in the Universe” and the first single When i was a Boy makes my heart sing….ive left you some nuggets of video goodness to enjoy untill next time….ill catch you on the flipside!!!!


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