Happy Back to the Future Day…with 3 new episodes of Devil’s Radio

GREAT SCOTT ITS 10-21-15……if my calculations are correct you are about to hear some serious sh*t…..well im no Doc Brown, and i dont have a flux capacitor nor do i have any idea what a gigowatt is, and dammit im supposed to have a flying car and hoverboard by now!! its all fun today as Marty will be arriving in Hill Valley shortly directly from 1985, and he will be listening to these three episodes of Devils Radio that i have just posted in the Audio stylings section..enjoy over four hours of ridiculousness..coming soon…the Halloween spectacular, and then big plans for the thanksgiving episode and what we are hoping is a 3hr christmas spectacular…before i leave im attaching the video stream of the the recent pie eating contest…good god what a mess and im out…catch you on the flipside


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