Merry Christmas from Devil’s Radio featuring the gals from Guys We Fucked

Happy Holidays from your friends at Devil’s Radio…this was our Season Finale, and final show of 2015. What a year its been for me, i was fired from my station one year ago, and after a 6 month hiatus i was allowed to return to the airwaves. Poor judgement led to my demise, and i worked hard for a new opportunity and have run with it. Since my June return, i have made some of the finest shows of my career. Amazing interviews, funny sketches, Live streaming events and live remotes to help fight Cancer. I took the lessons i learned and i have made positive changes, and the work shows evidence of this. Plus i was hired by Crash Tested Wrestling as a full time Commentator…despite lots of personal heartache and change, professionally im heading into 2016 poised to hopefully live my dreams…thanks for coming on my journey with me, and thanks to all that have helped me get here!!


Lisa Ann kicked my ass, and #ButterBurgersforBubba is huge success..Devil’s Radio rolls on!!!

An Amazing 2 week span on Devil’s Radio….on 12/1/15 we did a live show at Culver’s in Bourbonnais Illinois to support our friend Dan Slewoski as he fights stage 4 Colon Cancer, the #ButterBurgersforBubba campaign raised money and awareness in his fight against this terrible disease. Such a tremendous outpouring of support from that community and Kudos to Culver’s their staff was absolutely incredible that night. Then on 12/8/15 we welcomed to the program Wonder Woman herself Lisa Ann to our show and she stole it. the greatest interview of my life and she is the warmest and most generous celebrity i’ve ever encountered. The Former Adult film star has transitioned to Sports Radio and also has written a novel called The Life.
Ive never had so much fun on the air in my life and it absolutely shows…so click on over to the audio stylings section where you can hear both of these fine episodes…its great radio if i do say so myself