2016 is here and Devil’s Radio is Back!!!

Happy New Year……2015 ended with the Force Awakening, and our annual Christmas spectacular…and the good news, i survived the Christmas Story this year!!! so on January 12 Season 2 of Devil’s Radio kicked off with a visit from Matt Maranz who is the Executive Producer from the EsquireTV hit show Friday Night Tykes and we had lots of time to analyze Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens..Lobosco and Fahey were festive as always, we said goodbye to David Bowie whom we paid tribute to, we also cut a new show promo as a homage to Lemmy from Motorhead.  Im getting to that age where im starting to lose my rock n roll heroes….and speaking of Rock n Roll heroes we have some great new records coming out in early 2016 including….ELTON JOHN, BOB MOULD, RICK SPRINGFIELD AND CHEAP TRICK…so on this post im giving you new music from each of the artists plus a final farewell to David Bowie and Lemmy…..catch you on the flipside!!!



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