a brand new episode of Devil’s Radio and a fond farewell to Glenn Frey

Fresh off the podcast griddle is the latest episode of Devil’s Radio where we were joined by gentleman baseball player/stand up comedian/jujitsu superhero Gerard Haran, and he dazzled us with knowledge and humor, we also talked NFL and kids jokes with Joe Deming and his Three Amigos. Our buddy and the Leader of DEEP DISH SPORTS SHOWS.COM joined us for an all new top ten list, Dan & Christine joined us and brought us up to speed on Dan’s treatment which is going well and the upcoming fund raiser/benefits 2016 looks like a great year to beat cancer’s ass. We also warmly honor the memory of legendary singer songwriter Glenn Fry, im at an age where all my rock n roll heroes are beginning to shuffle off this mortal coil, its  a trend that is making me sad angry and dreaming of younger days, fortunately his music will last forever in my heart and on the airwaves….here are a few of my favorites from one of the songwriters that defined American rock music in the 1970’s a legacy that will last a lifetime……RIP Glenn….Take it Easy





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