The Real Deal searches for his Destiny on Devil’s Radio

Although we missed our guys Ryan Fahey and Chris Lobosco, we had a very festive episode this week…we didnt call it Devil’s Radio, we made a special hybrid called That Wrestling Devil, as we joined forces with Nick Swinke & Jumbo Joe from the very popular That Wrestling show. We had a very special in studio guest as well, from Crash Tested Wrestling the Real Deal Rion Skillz sat in our studios for the entire show and was amazing as always, he has a terrific dead pan humor way about him which i love to interact with. We broke down the upcoming event Destiny on January 30th in Gary Indiana. We also covered the Royal Rumble, and Rion tusselled with the Macho Ghost as well which was must hear radio. Also joining us on the program were regular contribuitors Joe Deming with NFL talk, and Clinton Cole of Deep Dish Sports for our usually HIGHly entertaining segment. Jump on over to the Audio Stylings page to hear the full show in all its glory…and the link below is Rion in action at a recent CTW event, and dont miss the idiot in the wig screaming on the mic…you may recognize him


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