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this is some fun audio sampling

This is the man whom i model my comedic stylings after…..Mr Sam Kinison passed away many years ago, but there will never be another comedian quite like Sam…and so as i move forward wherever Radio takes me i keep his spirit inside me…and no that you never know when i might go KINISON ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Ahrendt

Steve Ahrendt is a graduate of ICB with aspirations to become a radio personality. Steve has been a life long Chicago sports fan since moving to the area in 1974…he has grown up with South Side Hitmen, Winning Ugly, Monsters of the Midway, and a Dynasty that included the greatest basket ball player of all time. in life you have to understand and respect the past in order to comment on the present and speculate on the future.

 Steve’s passion for sports is only rivaled by his passion for music, and is hoping one day to become a successful radio disc jockey as well as a sportscaster.
 Steve is 42 years old, and is married with 2 children and lives in Lansing Illinois. He has a great sense of humor and relates his comic chops to the “Sam Kinison school of comedy” like the late Sam Kinison Steve enjoys loud, bombastic and over the top comedy, just listen to Ludicrous Speed on tuesday nights from 8:00-10:00 or the podcast show called The Rockdown and you can see that for yourself

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