Resume Cover Letter

“So turn up your radio
And, darling dial me in close
We’re riding on the airwaves
And we’re traveling coast to coast

Over river and highway
Your voice comes clear and true
Though we’re far apart tonight
I’ll save my love for you…………..Bruce Springsteen

Thank you for considering my resume, allow me to introduce myself…..My name is Steve Ahrendt i am a recent graduate of the Illinois Center for Broadcasting. During my time in school i fofilled my academic responsibilities with passion and enthusiasm, and achieved well above and beyond the requirements needed. I did this while maintaining a 60 hour a week regular job, being a father of 2 and caring for a sickly wife. I present this to you as examples of my focus, drive, determination and commitment to this craft. I loved every on air moment, every class project, and every live remote i did while a student. I take my dreams and my responsibilities very seriously, and never take on any task with out giving 110% at all times. I have been a manager of men for over 2 decades so i understand what is required to be part of a team. Honestly i love music, it sets my soul free and it always has. I wish i had figured out that i wanted to be on the radio many years ago, but with hard work and dedication it is never too late to make a dream a reality. I will let my charisma speak for itself, when you meet me you will see that i know what it takes and will be a remarkable edition and vehicle of success to your organization. A wise man once said “You never know who may be listening to you…” and in McCARTNEY I trust
your valuable time is appreciated and i welcome the opportunity to speak with you further, untill then i leave you with one final thought..a man named Dennis DeYoung once sang “Winners are losers who got up and gave it just one more try” At 43 im am rising up and giving it one more try for you, thank you!!!!!!!


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